Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Haircut on the Women’s Day

The day before the Women’s Day brought a lot of goodies my way :-).

Airtel sent me a free emergency charger and gave me 1000 free Airtel to Airtel minutes (Guys, don’t get jealous. Read the rest of the story ;-)). And even my company gifted me and other female employees vouchers to a local spa-cum-salon which entitled us to 50% discount on any service of our choice.

Obviously, I was overjoyed that I could go the spa/salon without breaking my bank. I was anyways tired of my old hairstyle and the voucher allowed me to avail the services of hairstylists trained by Javed Habib. I quickly called up the spa-cum-salon and fixed an appointment for haircut, on the Women’s Day.

On the appointed day and time, I marched into the salon and was pleased to find a swanky new big salon and smart-looking stylists attending to me. Thousand times better than that cubbyhole of a beauty parlor in my neighborhood!!!

“What would you like, ma’m”? One sweet voice asked. I declared I wanted a nice haircut with a new hairstyle. “Yes, please step this way, ma’m”, the owner of the sweet voice cleared a chair for me. Once seated, I selected a hairstyle from a catalog, and then the stylist set to work. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being pampered, my hair being shampooed, my scalp massaged, then the snip of scissors …I was almost lulled to sleep. I daydreamed of stepping out looking great with my new hairstyle, turning heads…..

“Ma’m, would you like your hair this way?”, the sweet voice broke my reverie. I opened my eyes….Whoa! Who’s that horrible creature staring back at me from the mirror? Oh no! It’s me…whatever happened to my hair? Seemed somebody had given me an electric shock that made my hair stand up at the end. Dismay soon gave way to rage. “This is not the style I wanted.”, I nearly shouted. “But ma’m, this one is better than the one you chose. Still, if you don’t like it, I’ll fix you the one you chose. I’ll have to snip your hair a little more from this side and that”, came back the smug answer from the still sweet voice. I took a look at the current state of my hair (very little of them remaining) and shuddered at the thought of further snipping. Then I gulped, and took the hard decision: some hair, albeit badly cut, on my head is better than no hair. My words came out in half a sob, “No, I don’t want them snipped any further”. With a heavy heart I got up, paid my discounted bill (cursing the moment I decided to come here) and stepped out in the cold-hard world, which has ready to laugh at my misadventure and misfortune :-(. I went straight to home, and did not venture out for the whole weekend.

Next Monday at workplace, I spied on some colleagues (mostly guys) laughing behind my back. But there was some consolation as well, as a couple of other “victims” came into sight. Now I am wearing a cap all the time, just like Himesh Reshamiya, and hoping that my hair grow back fast, so that I can visit the cubbyhole beauty parlor in the neighborhood and get a proper haircut.

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